[Textile industry in the first half of the year]
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Analysis on the operation of the industrial textile industry in the first half of the year!

In the first half of 2020, the production, sales, investment, and import and export of industrial textiles have maintained a relatively high growth rate, reflecting the industry's strong resilience, responsibility and ability to serve various sectors of the national economy.

We need to take an objective view of the rapid growth of the industrial textile industry in the first half of the year, closely track the impact of the development of the epidemic on the industry, make rational investment, and be prepared for the industry to resume normal development after the epidemic is over.

At present, the epidemic situation has been fundamentally improved, economic and social operations have gradually returned to normal, and the effects of macroeconomic policies have further emerged. The domestic market demand for non-anti-epidemic materials industrial textiles will be restored in the second half of the year; the global epidemic prevention and control situation remains severe, and overseas markets The demand for non-epidemic supplies will continue to decline, but the decline will slow down.

The domestic market demand index of the industry in the second half of the year was 62.8, and the overseas market demand index was 48.9. It is expected that the main economic indicators of the industrial textile industry will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate in the second half of the year, and the industry's production, sales and exports will tend to be adjusted. Balance, the differentiation of economic benefits between the field of anti-epidemic materials and non-anti-epidemic materials has narrowed, and the industry as a whole will be in a relatively stable state of development.

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