[Deep integration of the textile industry]
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The textile industry is accelerating to move towards an innovation-driven technology industry, a culture-led fashion industry and a responsible-oriented green industry. “Technology, fashion, and green” are becoming the new positioning of the industry in the new era, new labels for the industry, and new social awareness. .

The deep integration of the two technologies has become a booster for the high-quality development of the textile industry, and has become an important driving force and key technical support for the industry's innovation and development under the new situation, and achieved good results. The main performances are: the overall development level of the two-in-one integration continues to improve; the development of industrial Internet has achieved remarkable results; the industry's big data has steadily advanced; and the e-commerce innovation between enterprises has developed.

The endogenous power of enterprise integration and development has been continuously enhanced, and the level of digitization has been further improved. There are nearly 50% of large and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. The level of integration of the two technologies has entered the development stage of integration improvement and innovation breakthrough. The application of new models such as personalized customization, networked collaboration, and service-oriented manufacturing has grown significantly.

In recent years, the textile industry has thoroughly implemented the State Council's "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" to Develop the Industrial Internet" and has actively promoted the rapid development of the industrial Internet in the textile industry. For example, the three-year action plan for the development of industrial Internet development in the textile industry was prepared and promoted; the construction process of various types of industrial Internet platforms accelerated; under the support of the industrial Internet, new models and new applications continued to emerge.

Further promoting the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the textile industry, accelerating the development of the industrial Internet, and promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry are important ways to achieve high-quality development of the textile industry.

In the next stage, China Textile Association will focus on the following tasks: First, vigorously promote the development of industrial Internet in the textile industry; second, continue to promote the digitalization and intelligence of textile and garment enterprises; third, promote the construction of industry big data centers under the support of industrial Internet. The fourth is to actively explore the application of cutting-edge technology in the textile industry.

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